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A business set up in order to bring balance, fun, safety and excitement through multiple disciplines in paddle boarding.

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Good 2 Go PAddle Boarding

My name is Gavin Knox & I love the world of SUP, that is stand up paddle boarding. I have been paddle boarding now for coming on eight years I’ve been passionate about water sports and the outdoors for over 29 years. I began kayaking at 16 and was competitive for a time as well, this never fulfilled me though. 
I have always loved an out there adventure at heart. This is where my heart fills and where I find myself happiest, in the adventure! I have travelled some, but mostly I have been able to find adventure after adventure at home here in Northern Ireland along coastlines and our beautiful inland waterways.

Good 2 Go PAddle Boarding

I thought that might grab your attention. For the past 13+ years I have worked with vulnerable adults, a job I never thought I would be doing, let alone fall in love with. I have worked within a homeless hostel charity called the Lighthouse hostel. This again has been a centre of employment that I have to say is not only very close to my heart personally but also has made me who I am in so many ways. I have worked with those who found themselves homeless for a whole raft of reasons.
Some have been diagnosed with or who are only finding out about mental health challenges or addictions of various kinds and spectrum is huge. Working those who find themselves vulnerable for whatever reason or who have experienced trauma to which ever degree whether historic or present is something I hope to be able to continue at the right time within the correct settings. No one should be excluded from adventure! And in my experience everyone knows someone who is going through something.

Good 2 Go Paddle Boarding

I’d been a surfer since my 20’s and have had many great experiences of being weathered off due to storms at work then going home only to don a wetsuit and head straight out into waves, pushing myself within the amazing water conditions of Northern Ireland. Like many surfers my life became mostly about swells and weather conditions and not occasions or events in a calendar. I was introduced, like many of you to paddle boarding through a community. I purchased my first paddle board through that community and started to try to learn this new sport of stand up paddling, I was not as good as I might have hoped at first. I assumed that surfing and kayaking would make my transition easier.
 Initially I was wrong. I struggled and I fell in, a lot. When I found my legs though, a whole series of new adventures exploded out in front of me and indeed my experience from working at sea navigation along with kayaking and surfing, kind of just merged. I love to SUP surf & still continue to at every opportunity. SUP Touring is also a passion and a huge part of why I have decided to become an instructor teaching others, I have put out over miles on my paddle boards at times spending many hours on our coast, rivers and loughs. For me, somehow the being away from it all really ministers to my soul. Many of you may relate, and I cannot wait to meet you.

Good 2 Go Paddle Boarding
Mountain Work

As part of my journey I have undertaken training in rescue and emergency care for the outdoors, covered in the Tollymore National Mountain Centre based at the base of the Mourne mountains. This training is designed to simulate real time outdoor emergencies. REC training is a systematic way of managing casualties in the outdoors. The training was not a carpet exercise but simulated scenarios set in the outdoors,using examples of real-life occurrences which had been documented for the purpose of training.
  • The fundamental workings of the body, in particular the heart, lungs and airway
  • Assessing a casualty
  • Introduces a system to cope with all incidents as safely as possible
  • Deciding how to deal with an accident or incident
  • Awareness of delayed medical help and adverse environmental conditions